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PKLM has grown out of a small group of Possum Kingdom weekenders who in 2009 gathered at the Harbor Chapel for Sunday worship to the Lord. The original three rules were, and continue to be:

  1. We do not collect an offering.

  2. We are non-denominational – everyone is WELCOME!

  3. We never start on time.

Since 2009 the PKLM community has grown and more and more “regulars” from all communities around the lake are in attendance. To keep up with the growing attendance we recently added children and kitchen areas, enclosed the patio areas for more seating and upgraded the audio visual systems at the Harbor Chapel building. These  improvements make attendance for the whole family a little easier, and we can now comfortably seat 200 people. 


Please join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. for fellowship, praise and worship and a lesson from Jim Denison. On the first Sunday of every month we also partake in a communion with the Lord .


Let us welcome you to the Chapel family!

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Thanks for joining our PKLM community!

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