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We are a church focused on serving people who spend weekends at the lake and have a strong desire not to miss a Sunday morning of worship. Our services center on giving glory to God and his son Jesus Christ.


We have been blessed to partner with Denison Ministries to coordinate inspirational and passionate speakers to be here each Sunday so that those entering our doors may be spiritually fed. Along with many Christian groups around the lake, we consider ourselves part of the community and wish to meet the needs of those of the lake area needing assistance. PKLM (Possum Kingdom Lake Ministries) a group of dedicated Christian men, work to keep our building open and our services functioning for our use and needs.


Our three founding rules continue to be:

  1. We do not collect an offering.

  2. We are non-denominational – everyone is WELCOME!

  3. We never start on time.

We hope that you will decide to join us, Sundays at 9:30 am, in what we feel is a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere that will bring you, your family and friends closer to the God who created the beauty around this amazing lake.

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