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This Month at the Chapel


Please join us for worship Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM.

Music is an important part of our worship experience, centering us in the Lord’s presence.  Our music selections combine traditional and contemporary music relating to the week's message.

Examples of common lyric videos:

Amazing Grace by Carrie Underwood

Goodness of God by CeCe Winans

Breathe by Hillsong


A Note From Dr. Jim Denison

It has been a great privilege for Janet and me to share worship with you at Harbor Chapel for these last thirteen years. When we began coming out to PK, our sons were not married. Now they are both married, and each has two children—two in Tyler, ages nine and six, and two in Dallas, ages six and four. They are growing up so quickly, and a few months ago, Janet and I realized that we need to spend more time with them in this season of their lives.
Then, a few weeks ago, our four-year-old grandson was diagnosed with leukemia. Wells is in the hospital as I write these words and has three years of treatment ahead. His illness was the tipping point that caused us to realize that we need to make a change.


We have loved sharing Chapel with you each week, but our first priority under God is our family. We all live life in chapters, as Elton Trueblood noted, and we're in a different chapter in our lives now. As a result, we need to significantly reduce the number of Sundays we will be with you in Chapel. We also plan to list our villa in the Harbor so our weekends can be more available for our children and grandchildren.
How does this impact the Harbor Chapel and those who meet there to worship God? The good news is that both Denison Ministries and the Harbor Chapel have the resources to continue the wonderful ministry God has begun. Sunday services and weekly Bible studies are provided by Denison Ministries, and both will continue. I will be speaking in Chapel on Easter and other occasional Sundays; Dr. Mark Turman, Micah Tomasella, and other Denison Ministries staff members will speak on Sundays when I am not available. Sheila and Mike Carter who are also on staff at Denison Ministries will continue to provide
support for the weekly worship service and Bible study and will coordinate our minister retreats as well. Thanks to Jennifer and Mike Patterson and Vernon Wells, the Chapel building and facilities are now owned and operated by Possum Kingdom Lake Ministries, which is a legal entity created by the worshippers at the Chapel. So, things are in place to continue the Chapel as a place “Showing Christ to the Lake Communit
y.” I look forward to sharing more when we gather for worship this Sunday.

God bless you and yours.
Jim Denison


A note from the Harbor Chapel/PKLM Board

We love Jim and Janet! We have been greatly blessed by their presence with us and ministry to us for more than twelve years. While we are sad for all they are battling as a family, we stand with them as brothers and sisters in Christ. We will miss their consistent presence at the Chapel but are encouraged that we will see them from time to time. Additionally, we highly value the relationship between the Harbor Chapel and Denison Ministries. We have ‘grown up together’ as ministries. We are confident that God will guide us in continuing our partnership to provide meaningful worship with excellent biblical teaching going forward. Join with us as we seek Him and His will for the days ahead. 

David Stocker, Board Chairman

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